Monday, March 28, 2011

Where are you spiritually? In a valley or on a mountain? *Spring Forward Blog Challenge Day 13*

Why is it so easy to trust and be joyful in good times and hard to in not so good times? I really think I have big faith but then I go through trials and I worry. I fear. I doubt. I feel like a hypocrite sometimes. I need to practice what I preach but it is hard. I struggle the most through physical symptoms, especially weird ones. I worry that it wont go away or that there is something wrong. Deep down I know that is irrational and ridiculous. I go around the same mountain til I can trust God and remain joyful through trials. I am working on it. That is the purpose of trials - to draw us closer to God and lean on him. I have to just give it to him and trust that he is working it all for good and that he has good plans for me. Jer 29:11 Why is it hard? I want to feel good all the time. lol That is not gonna happen. ha I then think of people going through REAL. Hard. trials and they are happy and keep a positive attitude. That really makes me think. I need to focus on the positive and just "keep swimmin' " As one of my profs said "If God was sitting at a desk, nothing would go past his desk that he didnt approve first." God works in everything. This post is really jumbled and I just really just starting typing my thoughts so I apologize for it being random and/or confusing...and also sorry for this being late. I knew there was a lot to think about and I could write forever.....I dont really think I answered the question but that is ok. This is where I am right now. :)

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