Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Something I Really Dont Like About Myself *Spring Forward Blog Challenge Day 2*

Of course this post is easier than day 1...

I do not like the fact that I worry easily. I worry a lot about physical symptoms, especially when they seem weird or annoying. I get panic attacks about it and worry it wont go away. I know, irrational... I need to practice what I preach and trust God. He is in control. However, I still struggle with worry and anxiety. That is my biggest struggle. I have to give it to God daily.

I also do not like the fact that I tend to be on the pessimistic side; HOWEVER, I have been more positive lately. But at times, I focus on the negative and not ALLLL the many positive blessings in my life. Why cant I be one of those people who is always positive? I can strive to be that way. It is a choice. I am striving to be more thankful and think of alll the blessings I have and focus on those things in my life God has given me.


  1. girl, it's so hard to be one of those optimistic people.. i think they're faking it haha. just kidding. but amen. God is in control and everything he does or allows is for a purpose so much greater than us.. it's hard to remember that. i'm glad you're joining me on this 30 day journey.. i think i'll like reading your posts!

  2. ohh thanks :) yes it will be fun to do this journey...nice to "meet" u.

  3. Angie - I don't think there are people that are always positive! I used to be a lot more chipper than I am lately, but I don't think it's healthy to be always positive. You've heard stories of the people who commit suicide, they're always the one who have everything going for them and are the happiest students....