Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A photo of your last significant purchase. Did it satisfy a need or a want? *Spring Forward Blog Challenge Day 9*

Ummm I dont know what my last significant purchase was...what defines significant? Prolly the last significant purchase was diapers....cuz we NEED those!!! times 2! except we havent had to buy any for Emma yet. Thank you to all who bought us diapers :) But the wipes go fast and still getting diapers for Drew cuz he isnt potty trained yet...so boring post but there ya go!
Not necessarily huggies but didnt feel like taking a pic of our diapers hahaha


  1. I am truly impressed with your consistent posting on this challenge! Way to go! I'm bad at 30 day things. :D And diapers are DEFINITELY a significant purchase.

    I've enjoyed all of your posts these last few days. love ya!

  2. oh thanks! glad to know someone is reading haha i never know! and yes arent u impressed haha i guess the only way to get me to blog is challenges HAHAH

  3. I always read Angie!!! I got you lots and lots of wipes!!....