Saturday, October 10, 2009


Sooo some updates/changes happening in my classroom. I found out at the last minute that my 3 ISD children are being pulled out of my classroom as of Monday. Therefore, I could not even say goodbye :( I guess they are making cuts cuz of funding so they are moving over to a different school with the aide. However, I will only have 9 children now so that is nice.

We have a short week again this week because of parent teacher conferences! I am a bit nervous about that but it will prolly be good once I get started. I need to just be prepared to lead the convo!

The conference was good...but sometimes I feel like education overload haha but that is my job so... :) I learned about some really great ideas though! Brain Gym, which I have heard of before but it was great to have the ideas reinforced, and then great ideas for Bible stuff/chapels for early education. It was also great to hang out with the other teacher gals and LAUGH :) its hilarious playing times...I hadnt laughed like that in a while. It was good. :)

Monday, October 5, 2009


Fact about 3 year olds reinforced:

* they are very literal.
Once again, this is obvious but I was reminded of this when I told the kids to line up behind Maria. (she was standing by me) Ok so when I said that, all the other kids ran to stand RIGHT BEHIND Maria. LOL Oh dear, I was like ok I need to back up...I need to teach you how to line up first. ....

I learn something everyday.