Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Favorite Way(s) to Pamper Myself *Spring Forward Blog Challenge Day 10*

Hmmm I need some pampering haha

One thing that I dont get to do that often is get a massage! Last year for Christmas, I asked for a bunch of gift cards to the spa and I got a massage, facial, and body wrap! It was all heavenly and a great Christmas gift! I have to say my favorite was a massage and facial. I have another gift card and some left over from last year so I want to get a facial!

Another way I pamper myself is taking baths...I do that more often. What I love even more is going in the hot tub! My parents have a hot tub. I used to go in it all the time when I lived at home. I havent been in a while because I was pregnant... so I will say hot tub is another fav. This is a pic of my friends Karina and Betsy and I in my parents hot tub :)

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