Thursday, March 24, 2011

Greatest vacation or trip *Spring Forward Blog Challenge Day 11

So I have been on many many great vacations...but I will have to say my favorite was my honeymoon. We went on a cruise from Long Beach, California and stopped at Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico. :) It was sooo fun! I have some albums on my facebook if you wanna see all our pics :) We walked around Long Beach first and then at beautiful Catalina Island...At Ensenada, we went to a blow hole in the ocean. That was cool! And walked around little shops and tried to barter with them ha. After the cruise we spent two more days at Long Beach, CA.

The funny thing that was while we were there, there was an anime convention. It. was. hilarous. and crazy how man people were there for it!! There were thousands of people dressed up walking around to the convention center! Goood times haha So that is our trip in a small nutshell are some pics from it...if you wanna see more look in my facebook! :)

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