Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Second week of the Beginning

So today was the first day when the whole class was here! It went a lot better than expected..well actually I did not really know what to expect. There were 4 more kids that started today. 3 are from the ISD and Lyle Torrant. Sweet little Samantha who goes by Sammy has Down Syndrome and the other two have developmental delays/speech...I hate putting labels but for sake of describing.... there are only 3 boys in the class and 8 girls! The other two boys can be in their own little world at circle time haha But they are allll adorable! So this is how it works. The 3 from Lyle Torrant have an aide in addition to my aide....and definitely the aide is actually the teacher that taught in that classroom the past 3 years (I think)... so that made me really nervous at first...but it was ok...still gonna have to get used to it. She said a couple things and was like "sorry!' "I wont say anything." I was like its ok... lol but anyways overall it was a good day :) I thought maybe the dynamics of the class would change after the 4 extra came, but it didnt really. They are pretty quiet so didnt really disrupt the mesh. They all played great together and we have been working on sharing. =)
Today I introduced the zoo-phonics animals and we sang the song of course...one of these days I will tape it :) It is fun! We also talked about apples and how God made the earth and food for us to eat that grows from seeds! I cut open an apple and showed them the different parts of the apple and then we ate apples for snack! Too bad it was raining so we couldnt go outside for recess....well...tomorrow is another day :)

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  1. Ange! It seems like soo much fun! Those were the days!! learning about apples and then eating them!! :>