Thursday, September 17, 2009

End of Third Week

I have been EXHAUSTED...mostly because I havent had a voice. I hate fall actually partly because I have bad allergies then and it is getting cold......OK wow that sounds really negative but that is my thoughts on that haha....anyways I have been having a BLAST with my little kiddies :) They are so cute but can be little stinkers ;) I am learning a lot and seeing what works and what doesnt...but isnt that what happens :) I will be a pro by next year hahah jk but I am having a great expereince especially with the spec education students and sitting in on IEPs...havent done that before...just heard about them in classes... I have so many good resources which is great!
Um not really sure what to write about... I mean I have soooooooo many thoughts but it is hard to categorize them all and write them down...I am learning more about the best ways for classroom management, which I am testing different types. It is awesome when something works!!
Today was picture day. That was interesting because the photographer took like 5 pics of each child so it took forever. I understand that they want to do a good picture, but I mean comon, they are 3 year olds. They arent going to sit there for 5 min and smile on command. ;) They were getting restless out in the hall waiting!
We went onto Bubba Bear today! Letter B! Just FYI ;) The Bible story today was about David and Goliath and I found this cool game with a big marble or stone and 5 smaller ones and you roll the smaller ones and try to hit the bigger one which is like Goliath! We played that today.

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