Tuesday, September 1, 2009


First Day of School:
I was really nervous at first, didnt really know what to expect and I was thinking that that I had to make sure that everything was perfect and that I knew what I was going to say. Then I remembered what Nick said to me before school. He told me to remember to just have fun interact with the kids" That was a good reminder because that was what I always struggled with - thinking more about my lessons being perfect than connecting with the kids and helping them learn.
I was pretty happy with how the first day went. I really wasnt sure how long things would take or how the kids would act exactly. There were 6 kids that came today. 3 are coming from Lyle Torrent Center which they will come next Tuesday. There is also going to be 1 more next week too, maybe. I am glad we have a small class. There will be 2 aids in my room so that is even nicer!
Ok sorry this is so random but a funny thing today, I was saying something then asked the aide about how they usually do things and she was like "Well you can do whatever you want. You're the teacher!" haha I was like I am not used to that lol It is weird. I mean I always helped other teachers, now I am the teacher! I love it though! But I was tired by the end of the "day" :)
We did a welcome song and told the rules and procedures, walked around the school and they were really quite good at walking in a line! I got rope and tied knots along it and they held onto the knots...It will be good for them to get in that habit of walking in a line down the hall. That is the transition I had to make from 3rd graders to 3 year olds. I mean I know about them but the last thing I taught was third grade and now I have to think like a 3 year old. :) They are sooo cute though and I love to hear their thoughts on things. We went outside and played on their little playground...I feel bad though because they had to have a few things taken out because of licensing....I dunno details but because of different "dangers." We also played in the sand table. THEY LOVED That! Ya, that is one thing I have to work on is...they all wanna play with different toys whenever they want so we will work on that :)
There is so much I can say...so I will just stop now ...gotta figure out what I wanna do tomorrow...I still feel kinda scatterbrained cuz of all the little things I need to think about now...like the newsletters go on renweb now and gotta figure out snacks for the whole week cuz we have to put it in the newsletter. I couldnt get into renweb today so that was frustrating...we do attendance on it toooooooo :/ anyways, and then the auction...and then the open house on thurs nite~ ANYWAYS........day 1 was good...and I wont write everyday but the highlights. I figured I would write about the first day :) also I just wanted to! haha


  1. Sounds like you had a great day!! I'm happy for you!! I'm glad everything went pretty well! I still can't believe you're a REAL TEACHER!!

  2. YEAH!!! You're officially a teacher!!! I bet it will only take a couple days until you feel like a seasoned pro! Everything is awkward at first! Mel just told me it took her a year to finally feel like she knows what she's doing as a youth pastor!