Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Great Day!

So, it isnt like other days arent great, but today at school went soooo smoothly! We had our circle time, song, etc, brief bible story about John the Baptist in the desert and so we talked about deserts...and then did the zoo-phonics -letter "d" etc and we painted cacti (mixed salt with green paint so it will be prickily like a cactus) :) and while I was doing that with each child, I gave them the option to work on puzzles, or other table activities and it worked really well! They were working hard and not crazy all over the room and they love painting! then we had spanish (A spanish teacher comes in) and so on.......

Anyways, I was happy and it makes me thankful. All glory goes to God though, not me!

With 3 year olds, you cant have "dead air" for a second! So I need to make sure I have enough activities in case something doesnt take as long to do, or waiting for something else....That is OBVIOUS but ya know...good to figure out what works.....

I ordered 2 Dr. Jean cds! I am excited to get them and use them! Songs are sooo great!!

Well......til next time.... :)

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  1. So happy to hear it :)

    You're right, it is the little things that matter! Especially with 3-year-olds :)