Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9/9/09 thoughts...

Today was pretty good. I realize there are a couple things I havent thought about thoroughly like I have been saying "criss cross applesauce, hands in your lap" which is really common. However, one of my aides said to me today, um I dont think they know how to do that right now. Some do but most dont. So I asked the kids if they knew what I meant and they didnt. Therefore, I showed them how to sit like that. Wow. That is when I kind of feel dumb, but that goes back to having to go back down to their level. I am still kind of above that, assuming some things" I should not do that at all. lol
It is interesting the with ISD aide in there with me considering she is the teacher who left last year to do this kind of thing. Its a little intimidiating but she is friendly and encouraging. Today, we just continued the apple theme/creation. Not entirely sure all I am going to do tomorrow yet....
Tomorrow is like "Friday" to me is nice working but only working 3 mornings a week so I can be home with Drew the rest of the time!God is awesome; He worked everything out! :)

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  1. That is a really awesome schedule!! Perfect for this time in your life!