Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life's not fair

I was just thinking that life is not fair. It really isnt. Too depressing to go into details about all the reasons why...but I came across this poem ....

Life's Not Fair - Praise God

It's just not going the way I want
Does God in heaven care
Can't he see I need him here
I cried, "Life's just not fair.
The prodigal was foolish with what he had
Spending his money here and there
Until his funds had drained away
Then he cried, "Life's just not fair."
Many heroes from Bible times
Went sailing on waters of despair
They were to blame yet cried out loud
Oh God, "Life's just not fair".
A garden perfect in every way
To walk with God without a care
But disobedience was the thanks he got
It's true, "Life's just not fair."
His Son he sent, his light to share
We killed his Son, laid in the sod
We deserved to die, he gave us life
Life's just not fair - praise God.

Well..thinking in that perspective, I should be thankful. Its a good thing we dont get what we deserve because what we deserve is hell. BUT PRAISE GOD, we have hope!

I have been really focusing on seeing the positive and not the negative, which I struggle with and still do but I have been constant in prayer and thinking about my blessings.
Work in progress! :)

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  1. It is so true - life isn't fair. I think once I realized that God is good even though life isn't fair, it helped! Plus you are right - it is so good that we don't get what we deserve!