Saturday, April 10, 2010

Random and Anyways

First of all. why are people so weird? anyways haha

I know I always talk about Drew but he is my world. besides Jesus Christ who IS my world.So thankful for everyything God has blessed us with...that is a whole other post...anyways I dont know who reads this anyways. Drew puts a smile on my face everyday. I just love him so much. When he hugs me and says my name, it is the best feeling. I know I will love it even more when he says 'I love you mommy'. =)
He is a stinker though. Into mischief lol except I think sometimes. He is exploring the world for the first time which is crazy to think about. He loves the outside and cries and cries when we take him inside. He would play all day outside if we let him.

At the moment he is going through my purse and I dont care at the moment haha there isnt anything he can get into that is bad right now... this is how it is with him -constantly running after him as he is getting into anything and everything and climbing up and in and over everything ! :) I love it though! He is amazingly fun and I love him.

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  1. and i realize i was repetitive hahaha keeping an eye on drew at the same time!