Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getaway/random thoughts

So Nick and I went on a mini getaway to Birch Run outlets and Hampton Inn without Drew. It was a fun time and a good time to spend with just Nick. However, I missed Drew. It is just amazing how your life and attitudes/thoughts change when you have a child. It is hard to explain. ANyways, I was very emotional when we dropped him off. I dont know why but I cried and cried lol
When we were at the outlets I just thought about Drew lol I wasnt even thinking about buying things for me. We of course went to Carters and I could go crazy in there with all the adorable outfits for babies and toddlers and there are a lot of cute clothes for boys! for those of you and me before thinking there isnt. ;) Nick was there to keep me from going crazy. It was hard though!

So there is alot I could write but...see I am just not a good blogger. I want to be but its like I have too many thoughts to write down haha

However, I will blog more now. I promise. For those who would like to read. lol


  1. I know what you mean - I left Matthew with my brother-in-law for a couple of hours yesterday and I found it hard not to think about him the whole time! Guess that's just what happens when you're a mommy :)

  2. ya i know! :) its crazy how they become your world. ;)