Monday, May 3, 2010

Blonde leading the Blind (Not me Monday)

Saturday Melissa and I took an adventure to Meridian Mall in Okemos.

It truly was an adventure...

I was not distracted by talking and missed our exit and then tried to turn around and ended up ways and ways away at Biggby. We asked the guy where Meridian Mall was and he said "Oh you have to get back on 1-27 and go all the way to where 96 crosses and get off on Okemos.... I do not know how we got so far away. I definitely was not the blonde one when I have driven there many times but still was lost lol

Then at the mall when we walked out to our car, I defintely REMEMBERED where the car was so we did not walk all around the parking lot searching and searching and then Melissa did not go into the mall to walk back through to see where we parked while Drew and I waited where we were....( we definitely WERE NOT on the other side of the mall) lol I tell ya....

We knew exactly where we were going throughout that whole escapade.

We went through the drivethru at Wendys and we definitely did not wait at the first window for 5 minutes contemplating if they said go to the first or second window. (even tho there was no one at the first window) then the lady at the second window was waving us down.

We definitely had an adventure :) and a lot of laughing. It was fun.


  1. sounds like a grand ole time...with lots of laughs!!

  2. Wow! Sounds fun!!!! Did you're shopping go better?

    I actually forgot where I parked the other day at Briarwood and I was carrying something around that was REALLY Heavy!!!! I tried 2 or 3 exits before I found the right one!

  3. sounds like you would have a lot of laughing on that trip! I've "never" done some of those things either! :)