Monday, November 1, 2010

Stop and Think.

I came across this video.... ...the author of "Crazy Love" Francis Chan...i saw someone's status with a quote by him and i decided to look the book up. I am definitely getting it....going deeper with God....this video is actually talking about the awesomeness of God and how crazy amazing it is that the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE loves you and me....

He says "Despite everything you have done in your life. God still loves you. He doesnt want punish you. In fact in the greatest act of love ever, God himself had His son come down on the earth, take the form of a man, and be nailed to the cross. you see Jesus was taking the punishment for our sins. If no one was punished, God would have been unfair because a crime was committed. but the crazy thing is you and I are guilty. We are the ones who messed up but God had His own Son punished for us. WHY? The bible says its because He loves us THAT MUCH. This is the most amazing truth in the world. the GOD of the universe loves you. I used to think I understood the love of God..." ....then he talked about seeing his daughter nailed to the cross...just think the God, the creator of the world went through that...amazing....creator of ALL OF THIS...loves me..and you...makes life worth living.
It is so we take so much for granted...just because...but it is really amazing if you stop and think about it. God didnt have to create us. He didnt have to save us...but He did...


  1. We're doing small groups on Crazy Love--it's great. This is my second time through the book and it hits harder every time.

  2. awesome! i am so excited to read it!