Thursday, November 18, 2010

Taylor Swift...

I discovered I like Taylor Swift. I have started to listen to her songs, never really had before.I know I am behind the times ha..I know most like her, some dont. I dont mean to write this as a controversial post...I never know what will be controversial or not these days LOL..sometimes I write things on my status "just sayin" and it turns into this big controversy ha!

Is she a Christian? because in her Christmas song, "Christmas must be something more," she says "....Is that the day holds something special; Something holy, not superficial; So here's to Jesus Christ who saved our lives; It's something we all try to ignore; And put a wreath up on your door; But here's something you should know that is for sure; Christmas must be something...." That is awesome she says that! Does she write her own songs?

And I like "Love Story" especially going along with "Letters to Juliet" movie. :) I listened to "Never Grow Up" and I cry my face off .... lol I just listened to "Mean" That is an interesting song. Sad but true about some people...except I did think if she did write that song, she must be really mad at the person she is singing about.

Here are the links to those songs...

"Christmas must be Something More"


"Love Story"

"Never Grow Up"

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  1. I do think she writes all her own songs, and I think at the Country Music Awards, (or on Ellen...) I remember her saying something that made me think she is a Christian.