Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today i got a speeding ticket. :( first cascades ice cream co...where it is 25 mph, on my way home from school... i didnt even realize how fast i was going and OF COURSE there was a cop that was coming the other way. all of a sudden and i see he turned around and followed me...i immediately started crying and shaking of course. He came up to the car and i already started to cry, he was like "are you ok?????" i said "ya i just havent gotten a ticket before"..he was like "do u know why i pulled u over?" i said "ya i was speeding i just didnt realize it" He asked for my license and registration...AND my hands were sooo shaky, trying to find the stupid thing in the glove compartment...i couldnt find it...he said do u have insurance on the car? i said he went back to the car and said to keep looking...i did find it in an envelope...guess nick and i should have discussed where it was just in case...anyways he was gone for a while and i was bawling my face off...i dont even know why i guess hormones plus being in that situation...he said i was going 37 in a 25 but gave me a citation for 5 i guess that is ok ..he was like i know you have a good driving record but I have to give you a citation, and i wrote down i gave u a verbal warning about the registration because you need to know where it is...and he left. SIGH...........except i dont even know how much its for...i dont see it on the sheet he gave me and i can barely read it anyways....i was thinking i dont even know what to do.....sigh...

i guess i have to take it as live and learn.

Ready for a good day tomorrow....


  1. Oh, you poor girl! I'm surprised he gave you a ticket with the tears. :) That's exactly where Kevin got ticketed--right after Karina took our engagement pictures and she and Britt were in the car. I was so upset about it.

  2. i know....i drive there everyday to school and never really see cops..i wasnt even thinking...oh well..thanks for the comment!

  3. Nick and I have both gotten tickets in 25mph - sooo stupid! It's probably $100 just so you know....

  4. Aw man!!! Brad got a ticket at that exact spot a while back. I got pulled over once and I was just like you - all shaky and crying! I'm sorry you got a ticket :(