Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Being Thankful

Since I just posted a blog and said how one of my devotions was about being thankful, I will blog about what I am thankful for:

  • Jesus Christ. Without Him, I would have nothing, be nothing. We can't even comprehend all He is and all He has done for all of us - Suffering, dying on the cross in the place of us and rising from the dead to be with us in Heaven. God is good.

  • Family: Mom, dad, sister, nieces, sistersi-in-laws, grandparents, in-laws and family,extended family
  • Nick, Drew, baby inside
  • Health
  • Life
  • Sunshine
  • Jobs
  • True Friends
  • Car
  • Breath
  • Melissa watching Drew while I teach
  • God's unending love
  • Encouraging words from others
  • Pictures -memories
  • Naps
  • Church
  • Good food

I could go on and on depending on how specific I want to get, but even just looking at this list, I know I am blessed. God is good. I need to think of the good things in my life when I start to be negative, which I tend to do sometimes :/

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