Thursday, July 7, 2011

*30 days of Lists!*

I am starting a new 30 day challenge...It's 30 days of lists...feel free to do it with me!

Day 1: A few things about myself
Day 2: Things I am good at
Day 3: I am looking foward to...
Day 4: Today's playlist
Day 5: My weekend goals
Day 6: My least fav words
Day 7: My favorite tv shows
Day 8: Whats in your bag
Day 9: Favorite websites and blogs
Dau 10: My wishlist
Day 11: Date night ideas
Day 12: Weekly rituals

Day 13: Things i love about my state I live in.

Day 14: On my shopping list
Day 15: Places to see in my town
Day 16: Words that are hard to spell
Day 17: Roadtrips must haves
Day 18: Recipes i want to try
Day 19: Celebrity favorites
Day 20: Things to do this summer
Day 21: Favorite movies
Day 22: Things you wish you had the guts to do

Day 23: I make lists for..
Day 24: Favorite places to shop
Day 25: Favorite books
Day 26: Lessons I have learned
Day 27: Vacations I have been on
Day 28: My favorite foods
Day 29: Today's to do list

Day 30: Favorite Bible verses

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