Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just my thoughts...

First meeting day at school:
It was a long day but exciting cuz it is my first official meeting as a real teacher :) It was good but long. Prof Linton from SAU actually came to talk about cultures etc and students that come to our schools from other countries..(JCS has been having more and more Korean students come) :) Then we watched a video about Christian schools and the mission...I truly believe in and am a big advocate of Christian schools! The main point in the video about Christian schools is to disciple. It is all for the Kingdom of God...and I am not saying Public schools are bad and Christians shouldnt be in there so I am not saying that so...... lol

The vision statement of Jackson Christian School is "Jackson Christian School students will possess wisdom, knowledge and a Biblical worldview resulting in a lifestyle of Godly character, leadership, service, stewardship and worship." and the mission statement is: "...Equipping Students to Impact the World for Christ."

I believe in those statements and I want to be a part of letting Jesus shine through me to help guide children in the way they should go according to the Bible. :) It may sound very cliche but to me it is not... and my hope is that when people leave Jackson Christian, they would hold onto their convictions and strive to lead other people to Jesus and show them the way they should act/think/live according to the Bible. It is sooo sad to me when I see people being influenced by the world rather than the other way around. My question is when did they fall off the wagon? What happened? Or they just fell for what the world had to offer....anyways that is just my thoughts today and my rant...I am not perfect AT ALL...I need to give everything to God everyday because I struggle with so much especially with worries etc...but I want to please God...he says in John 14:15 "If you love me, you will obey my commands." That is what I strive to do...which I dont and no one can be perfect cuz no one is Jesus but I want to be more like him. :)

Anyways I am done and we have more meetings tomorrow!

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  1. Ang - congrats again on this awesome job that you have!!! Good luck and have fun!