Monday, April 11, 2011

Something you could never get tired of doing *Spring Forward Blog Challenge Day 29*

I am skipping day 27 and 28 because I dont have anything interesting to write for that. I could never get tired of eating, laughing, spending time with family, playing euchre, laying out in the sun, summer, watching my favorite shows...etc etc etc I guess this wasnt too interesting either ha

Friday, April 8, 2011

How have you changed in the last two years? *Spring Forward Blog Challenge Day 26*

In the last two years, I have become a real adult I have been an 'adult' for 4 years, I am 25 years old with a husband, a 2 year old and an almost 2 month old, a house, and a job. I guess I am an adult, with adult responsibilities. I have depended on God more and have learned more about being a better mom and a wife. A work in progress :) 2 years ago I also started teaching preschool - learning to work with other people better and communicate with parents effectively... etc etc.

Someone who impacts your life regularly. *Spring Forward Blog Challenge Day 25*

My mom is a big part of my life. We are close and talk regularly. My sister also impacts my life. She is funny and also fun to talk to. My whole family does! ha

A photo of something that means a lot to you. *Spring Forward Blog Challenge Day 24*

My family means so much to me. I love them all so much and am very thankful for them :)

I put the picture of the bible and a cross on here because that means the MOST to me...what Jesus did for me on the cross so I can be with Him and be saved from my sins. No words can be enough to thank God for what He did. :)

Tell us something you think no one really knows about you. *Spring Forward Blog Challenge Day 23*

First, I am not doing day 22, a letter to someone who has hurt you recently, because I havent really been hurt anyways... Umm I am pretty much an open book so I dont really think there is much people dont know about me ha..ok well here is something. I just went to the dentist and I have 5 cavities! First time in my life!!!! I had a half a one when I was 18...and perfect teeth til sad. lol

Monday, April 4, 2011

A photo of something that consistently makes you happy *Spring Forward Blog Challenge Day 21*

I posted 2 pics but its ok. Its my blog HA. What makes me happy is seeing Nick anf the kids together :) Makes my heart happy.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The meaning behind your blog name. *Spring Forward Blog Challenge Day 20*

This post is the lamest one for me because.....I didnt make my blog creative at all OR my blog its Angie_B because my name is Angie and my last name starts with the letter B.

hahahahaha and I dont have anything else creative. The end. ha ;)

What is something you hope never changes about you? *Spring Forward Blog Challenge Day 19*

I dont really know how to answer this, but maybe I hope that I will always make time for my friends and invest the necessary effort and time to maintain those friendships.